Astrological coaching

Image credit: NASA

Image credit: NASA

Astrology is the art and science of finding our place in the cosmos and alignment with our soul’s path. Through an understanding of the location of the planets at our moment of birth we gain insight into our own psychological make up and our journey through this life. Astrology provides context for the challenges that we face or have faced as well as important insight and guidance as to the best ways to use those challenges and experiences to serve us.






Astrological coaching package

Image credit: NASA/CXC/UMass Amherst/Q.D.Wang et al.

Image credit: NASA/CXC/UMass Amherst/Q.D.Wang et al.

What happens after a natal chart reading? For some people a one-off session will spark a period of fruitful introspection, enough for them to continue to work things out alone. For others, it raises more questions or directs them to a specific issue they would like some guidance to get deeper into. For this reason I have designed and offer a 3-session coaching package which begins with a natal chart reading, followed by a specific theme reading, finished with a coaching, integration and archetype attunement session where we find the mythic figure with the wisdom you need at this moment and use their story to get creative with your self development.



Meeting monthly over the course of 3 months. All sessions have homework.

Session 1: natal chart reading

Session 2: topical reading to a relevant theme that is arising in your life currently or becomes apparent from the initial session

Session 3: coaching on next steps towards integration and relationship with this story and experience.

Please contact me to schedule


topical readings

Image credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, Kate Su (Steward Obs, U. Arizona) et al.

Image credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, Kate Su (Steward Obs, U. Arizona) et al.

I also offer readings on a particular theme that is coming up in your life. Whether you have had a natal chart reading or not, sometimes we are called to deeply investigate a specific aspect of our selves or our experiences. I have listed some topics below which are common but please do reach out on the contact page to see if astrological coaching might be suitable.



life path and direction




new year/birthday