Herbal consultations


Herbal medicine


I practise herbal medicine as a connection to our ancestral heritage, our living planet and a commitment to the future. Herbal medicine is the primary healthcare for 80% of the world’s population and kept humans alive for millennia before modern medicine. Through reclaiming and recovering the traditions of the witches, through familiarity and relationship with the plants around us, we can restore our bodies to full healthful expression


Initial consulation: £40 for 2 hours

Follow-up consultation: £20 for 1 hour


Herbal teas: £6 per 100g

Tincture: £28 per 400ml (one month supply)

This means that an initial consultation + 4 weeks supply of medicine totals £68 or £14.50 per week. Going forward this becomes approx £12 per week for treatment.

I am developing a sliding scale model for my business and always appreciate feedback on pricing. If you feel you could pay more to facilitate someone with lower income to access treatment, or if you have low/no income and would like to discuss treatment options, please contact me


about the consultation


In the initial consultation we will discuss all aspects of your health including a thorough understanding of your symptoms, a personal and family medical history and a discussion of your health in a holistic sense including lifestyle, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I work with Health at Every Size principles and a non-diet approach.

Please bring with you any relevant blood work or test reports and a list of any medications or supplements you are currently taking. I also invite you to consider your aims of treatment and how you would like to feel 6 months from the initial consultation.


I am happy to offer a 15 minute mini-consultation by phone to see if herbal treatment is for you, please contact me if this is of interest