harvest celebration

Join me to celebrate the Pagan quarter day festival of Lammas/Lughnasa, a moment where we celebrate the grain harvest and the last hurrah of the outward-focussed summer season and the anticipation of the quiet, inward time to come. Honouring the craftsman god Lugh, we also reap the rewards of our skills and look at what we have created as well as looking at what we would like to harvest at this time next year. With the new moon on the 31 July just past we will spend some time looking what we hope will be fruitful in the coming month. Snacks and tea provided.


Saturday 3rd August, 3.30-6.30 pm

£25 per person

Max. 10 participants


Understanding yourself through story


Join me for an afternoon of story, working with archetypal images to find wisdom and guidance. In this workshop we will start with a story circle and a hot drink as we come together to share. We will then use the story’s characters and archetypes to explore our selves and our inner lives, using the wisdom of ancient elders transmitted through lore to gain insight into our place in the world.

Please come willing to be challenged and creatively participate!


next workshop date tbc

£25 per person

10 participants


More workshops in 2019 to be announced!